Purple Frog Outfitters
With over 20 years experience in water sports, Purple Frog Outfitters is dedicated to making your vacation the ultimate adventure. By offering you the latest and greatest beach rental equipment, your day will be action packed from sunrise to sunset.
We offer a variety of beach rental equipment from Kayaks, Beach Cruisers (bikes), Fishing Equipment, Paddleboards & more.
If you are looking for a way to explore the island, enjoy the water ways or just relax in the sun Purple Frog Outfitters can help you capture the day with easy access beach rentals.
 Our convenient delivery and pick up service in Jupiter, FL allows you to have a worry free vacation. We guarantee your satisfaction with every beach rental. Our timely and friendly service is sure to put a smile on your face.

About our name

We felt the frog represents the amphibious nature of our business.  Agile and comfortable in both water and land, the frog’s life cycle embraces the best of both worlds.  The frog has been used throughout the world as a symbol of spiritual renewal and good luck.
The color purple is a combination of the calming blue of the ocean and the energizing red of the sun.  Historically, purple had represented a higher standard and quality.
“Outfitters” fits our company’s mission to provide outdoor goods and recreational events.